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    Survivor of Cyber Bullying - Ready to Mentor

    -- Redacted text due to pending investigation/charges against cyber bully/stalker ---

    Chris Zenzel
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    Helper II

    Glad you pulled through and can now use it to help others.  It's always tough in the middle of tough situations... seems like what you went through is becoming more and more common now with the social bullying that's occurring.  Kudos to you and look forward to seeing how things progress for you!  Thank you

    Thank you @Knight_Vision! Yes. it is very common. Not with just our children, but now adults. It is sad to see, but even though I suffered I can teach others since I became stronger from it.

    It is also sad to see how medicines commonly prescribed for the depression had a reverse reaction and caused me to get worse last year.

    Everything is good now. I have to let several people take over trying to figure it out and go back to living my life and doing what I do best - giving back and working in Info Tech.

    Thank you very much for the supportive comments!

    Chris Z.

    Chris Zenzel

    -- Redacted text due to pending investigation/charges against cyber bully/stalker ---

    Chris Zenzel

    Right on! Congrats! Keep us posted!

    If I answered your question, please mark it as the solution or give it a "Kudo"

    The state of affairs in our country and others around the world is very complicated and very disturbing. Since you mentioned medicine, so many of them are not backed by any actual evidence and are continually being pushed anyway be pharmaceutical companies seemingly seeking to keep everyone sick or make the situation worse in some way and profit from it and that makes the rest of us essentially guinea pigs. The cyber world is equally scary when you never know what you are getting and are always a potential target. Anything posted by anyone anywhere is subject to extreme scrutiny by anyone else who might have access to it as if some entities have nothing better to do than harass others, also as if there are not already enough problems in the world. Unfortunately, security is also pretty much a joke by anyone claiming to offer it because there always seems to be some flaw to be exploited. This is a huge issue that people need to wake up to and learn how to ensure their own security rather than depending on a third party that may or may not have the individual's best interest at heart. With all that, I do not know where you are in your battle, but I hope you are still fighting through it or you were able to get back to living your life as you mentioned as well as being in a better position to help others fight it in the future as well as protect yourself and best of luck to you and them (and everyone).

    Richard James Burgess III

    Hello @syylone,

    Since I am currently out of work after some physical health issues, and now search again, it has been difficult. Thank you for your words.

    I'll be replying to your PM in a few minutes. My computer is going through Windows Insider Updates and having it outside in 100 deg heat even on a patio makes it worse.


    Chris Z.

    Chris Zenzel
    Advocate II

    David shelton