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    I have started a web store named Zain Artifolio before 1 Year. I received payments online. But as a starter no one trust upon that. Then i got an idea to get more sales. I have used the COD(Cash On Delivery) system to accept Payments From my Customers.In my state Kerala No one provide the COD system. So i decided to use the local Taxi drivers to deliver the Products. By this method you can also increase the sales. Can't gain the Mountain very Fast, but can gain slowly.

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    Hi @chachi_47


    Thank you for sharing!  What gave you the idea for starting your business?  How's it going since making the strategic decision to use the local taxi drivers to deliver the products?


    Looking forward to hearing more!



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    I sell painted Drawings. My Mother is a artist and she draw a lot pictures. And i thought that i can make some money with all this stuffs, and i have started my Business. Taxi Drivers i mean Autorikshwa Drivers. In kerala and almost states in kerala there are Rikshwas available for hire in lower price. So this network i can use to deliver the products. Before Checkout i warn my customers that if they have chosen COD then it will charge RS 50 more. 

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    Hi @chachi_47,

    I do have to say this is VERY creative!  Like @estieg, I'm really interested in your results.  Amazon, with its drone delivery comes to mind.  This is thinking like Amazon!!  Looking forward to seeing this go forward!


    Great work!


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    Thanks a lot for Your Support.

    Awesome @chachi_47!    Creative all the way around, and then some.   If you'd like to share the link would love to see some of the drawings!



    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Currently i have unpublished my website for some modification. I got feed backs from my customers and other people to improve the Product Images. Currently it is Processing. But i can provide my instagram link . The photos in instagram are Old and no quality at all.