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    7 Ways to Become a Doer Without a Dream Budget

     PSA – Money is STILL NOT growing on trees. 


    That is all.


    So, how then is it possible for someone with an epic idea to begin building a business with just a couple bucks?


    Simple.  Seven ways simple.


    As a doer who is currently wearing multiple hats, (human capital coach, minister, author, speaker, facilitator, designer, and entrepreneur),  I honestly don’t have time to read story heavy articles that boast more story than help.   I find myself skimming through to the sub-topics looking for the meat of the article and hopefully some delicious bite-sized pieces of insight that I can digest quickly.


    With that being read…let’s dig in!


    1.  Think in terms of change rather than dollars – When your thoughts are consumed by how much you’re trying to make, it’s easy to lose focus on creating value, building relationships, and providing promised results. When you have a product/service to offer, don’t waste all of your time thinking about how much you need to charge in order to make 7 figures a month.  Start focusing on the change that your product/service will make in someone’s life as a daily commodity, clarity, or convenience.  When you communicate to a person that their satisfaction is your primary goal and then give them a quick overview of what to expect from the total experience with you, you’ll be able to ask for your worth and get it.


    2.  Volunteer at the company of your dreams – Be bold enough to call up a company you would love to work for and ask them if there is any way possible for you to volunteer your time or services with them. I recently found out two companies I wanted to work with had community involvement branches.  They were also looking for people to become mentor coaches and presenters in their community using the company’s platform, how cool is that!  It cost me zero dollars and put me directly in front of people that I knew could benefit from my services.


    3.  Grab some chow down-town – Lunchtime downtown brings business people outside of their offices to hit local vendors and venues. I worked for a major financial institution in the downtown area of my city and during lunchtime, I walked around the city blocks for some quick exercise; sometimes grabbing a bite from the building next door.  I was able to meet business owners and find out about opportunities while chatting in line waiting for a sub.  Remember networking happens everywhere all the time…which brings us to the fourth point,


    4.  Get serious about social networking – According to Statista, there will be 2.77 billion social media users around the globe in 2019. Why not use that to your advantage?  Begin building a profile that shows people both your professional and semi-personal side.  Think about your page as a visual resume and handle it accordingly.  Look for public groups that share similar interests or check the events page for local networking.  For doers just starting out, you are your brand.  Even though it’s your personal page, don’t include information or pics on your profile that would damage your brand or business relationships. 


    5.  Make reading your new “sexy”- The last few business meetings I had were in libraries, coffee shops, and bookstores. It opened up my thinking to just how important reading is to a doer.  A doer isn’t at home camped in front of the tele binge watching dramas or shuffling through videos of haircutting fails for 3 hours.  They’re reading books and creating strategies.  They’re spending time sharpening and mastering their craft.  They’re meeting where knowledge and information surround them.  “Hello” is followed by “so what do you do?”  And honestly, those meetings were some of the most productive ones I’ve ever attended.  As a doer, you should know that people are attracted to what’s attractive to them and usually ignorance doesn’t make the list.


    6.  RSVP for freebies – When I started out in business, I barely made enough money to cover my personal bills. One thing I learned quickly was to take advantage of every free thing I could get my hands on.  I attended free seminars and webinars, signed up for free trials (make sure that you keep a watch on your start and cancellation dates), joined email lists in exchange for eBooks, and took full advantage of DIY opportunities.  As you go to these events, make sure to take business cards and have a working website, webpage, or social media page so people can connect with you later.  You’ll have no problem meeting other doers who are willing to collaborate or even exchange services for services in lieu of cash payment.


    7.  CREATIVE your business card – Some of the people who will be essential to opening up doors for you still believe in personal touches. I have had people with old money be hesitant to give me their personal number so I can text mine to them.  I make sure to keep business cards on me at all times with a business (not personal) number.  I also chose a dynamic red card with bold white letters so that it stands out whether it’s on a table or in a stack.  Before I was able to get them professionally printed I would use templates from office supply stores to make my own.  Keep it simple; make an impact, and never confuse excellence with perfection.  As a doer, your goal is to continue to maintain momentum, not get stuck in the muck of excuses.  I didn’t have the best cards when I started, but they were my absolute best and I felt better being able to put one in their hand rather than saying I don’t have any. 


    Every doer has started somewhere.  Some have been fortunate enough to be born into an established business so they are simply continuing a legacy.  Others have scraped up change every week and had to begin with handmade items.  But when you’ve gotten to an admirable level of success and you look at someone who is obviously just starting out, more than fancy business cards and name dropping, you’ve learned to look for two things—effort and results.  


    When you have nothing else to give, especially from a financial standpoint, give your word and your best effort.  Excellence is always an attractive investment.


    Keep doing it doer,

    Coach Cren

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