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    Greetings to the New GoDaddy Community

    Hello Everyone,


    I am the owner of a Managed IT Services Company based out of Boston, Mass. We manage technologies for small to medium size businesses including website/domain hosting and webdesign services. I have been working in the industry for about 15 years in many different fields until I decided to go on my own became incorporated 2 years ago. I am looking forward to sharing my 15 years of expertise to the forum to help those in need of guidance. I want to thank Rachel Makool for her efforts in putting all of this together and being so engaging to all the new forum leaders/members.

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    Welcome @tmsg-inc and congratulations on getting out there on your own. I'm sure the Community will be interested to hear how you went about starting out. There are a couple of threads already on the process of making that transition. I look forward to seeing your contributions.

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    Hey @tmsg-inc

    Welcome! So glad that you're here with us. Thanks for sharing your background and experience!! We're really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and guidance and hopefully you'll learn some things as well. Take care!


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