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    Hi GoDaddy community!

    I have been studying Human Behavior for over 30 years and am a student of Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Functional Human Behavior, Mathematics and Computer Science.

    I occupy a considerable amount of time data mining, developing software, the further study of software development and Human Behavior.

    I have been programming/ developing for 37 years now since I was 10 years old. I wrote my first Machine Language program, as a basic wedge, for the Commodore 64 in 1985 after studying Jim Butterfield's Machine Language Programming for the Commodore 64. Ever since then I have been enthralled by machines and humanity.

    Life is good, and even better when you understand that it is your choice.

    Jamie R. Robillard Sr
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    Unless you sign up to a niche forum  in regards to retro machines you harldy ever hear anyone these days

    use the words "Commodore 64", I remember using one in the mid 90's, a cream off tan plastic keyboard and matching cassette tape drive, those flickering multi coloured screen lines, terrible graphics, hunderds of homebrew softwares and keys you had to litteraly finger stamp to get a 'qwert', I was also  playing about with an overheating Sinclair zx Spectrum but my all time fav (which took over the rest of my childhood into my early teens) was the Atari ST 520fm, it was still being used in recording studios for its midi and synth abilities many years later when any gamer laughted when you told them you still had one you used but i kept with it until windows came along (3.2) and then i went from any language and code id learnt from the previous machines and software in general to hardware (regretabley) and spend years and years installing, upgrading and customizing windows pc's all the way up through 95, 98, ME/2000, Xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (skipped 9 like the rest of the world) and now i work on laptop hardware as desktops are no longer in trend with the common man wishing id stuck with code and learning languages instead, i did start and stop with Linux for a while back in the 00's but hardware was still winning me over at the time, i did pick up msdos pretty well but thats no Python these days!


    Ps. Nice quote!


    Hey @JamieRRobillard


    Welcome to the community! Looking forward to seeing what you will add to our conversations. Smiley Happy


    And to @hrnadmin, I recognize and remember about 98% of the machines and software mentioned. Way to make a fellow feel old. Smiley LOL


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