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    Welcome from Honey Bee City, Need Help Finding Visitors to Go Central like Website Builder had!

    HBC Logo.png

    Honey Bee City is Helping to Save the Bees! We Seek to Increase Bee Awareness, Get More People in Cities & Suburbs Involved in Urban Beekeeping, & Keep People Informed About Honeybee Issues! Our 100% Pine Beehives Are Really Beautiful Yard Art and Finished Furniture! We Fabricate Deluxe Urban Beehives and Beekeeping Kits for National Catalog Sale, Wholesale & Retail, and International Export.  We also Create the Original Art Beekeeping and Bee Lover Designs in Our Online Store. We just changed from Website Builder to Go Central, launched our Blog, and Our Free Beekeeping Guild, which Seeks to Bring Beekeepers, Fans, Educators, and Everyone Together in a Common Forum where We Can Increase Honeybee Awareness. We need advice about how to track viewership in Go Central like we did in Website Builder!  https://www.honeybeecity.comHBC Kit Logo.png

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    Hey @Honeybeecity, good news for you. GoCentral is built with search engine optimization (SEO) and social interaction in mind. There is a great article Introducing GoDaddy GoCentral in the Garage. You can have a look at the GoCentral Help documentation to get you started. I hope that helps?


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    Welcome @Honeybeecity!! Love the mission of your business. It's soooo important. Take care!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.