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Good afternoon from Grand Forks!

Hi Community!

Well, Let me start with my name.  I'm Brian and I'm here to make friends, help build on an already awesome community, offer advise, ask questions, and most importantly get answers when I need them.  I know a little python, html, java, ruby and if and when I have time I would love to help you all with any issues you might have.


I'm currently working at getting my BIG head wrapped around all that Godaddy has given me so please be patient as I attempt to build my next big thing..., oh yea, did I happen to mention I can probably help with computer and networking issues as well!


But first let me get settled in, up and running..., then together we can we can build the next big thing!


Thank you for taking the time to look at my post and I look forward to meeting you all and help get us all to our dreams just a little bit faster.



Re: Good afternoon from Grand Forks!

Hi there @youngdog,


Welcome to our forum Cat Happy

Hope you enjoy it here and make some new friends, find answers and give a few too.

Some handy bits:


Live chat available Arizona local time 5am - 7pm Mon - Fri

Phones 24/7


"Kudos" It's polite if someone has helped you to award them a 'Kudos' by ticking the box. In return you may get a 'Kudos' for your help too Cat Happy