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421 Too many connections (8) from this IP

I've been using Godaddy for about 20 years. For most of that time I haven't had ftp problems, and I'm not here to complain about the service, because it is mostly good. But, I'm obviously not a noob, either. For maybe 15 years I've been using Filezilla. I mention this so people won't waste their time with a tutorial on how to connect to a hosting account with Filezilla. Only in the past year, and maybe not even that long, I've been getting this error on all my shared server client sites on GoDaddy: 421 Too many connections (8) from this IP When that starts, I have to stop the process, because files will simply stop transferring. I usually get this error when I'm downloading large numbers of files, such as a WordPress site. The download will begin just fine, but inevitably stop downloading when the "421 Too many connections (8) from this IP Error: Could not connect to server" happens. I've looked up and tried so many solutions, but in the end, I'm pretty sure GoDaddy changed something. I've tried the "Limit number of simultaneous connections" to 1, but that doesn't work. I've even tried different FTP clients, like WinSCP, but they give the same error. Finally, what I'm using now is either SSH or PSFTP, from my Windows CMD line window. File transfer from a command line is very cumbersome, and I want to know if anybody has solved this particular problem using FileZilla on GoDaddy shared hosting.