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552 Disk full response on Deluxe Hosting

Hi All,


I keep receiving 552 Disk full response from server when I try to upload file from ftp.


I am using Deluxe Hosting. So, I have unlimited disk usage.  I contacted support via chat but it only solve while chatting with them and keep receiving same error message. 


Please help me how to  fix the issue. Thanks ahead!





Super User III
Super User III

Re: 552 Disk full response on Deluxe Hosting



In this case, "unlimited" does not mean infinite. I would suggest reading the Hosting Terms of Service in regards to what "unlimited" means. (BTW, I think it's terrible and misleading wording.)


That beings said, based on the image you attached you should have plenty of room on your current hosting plan. Unfortunately, I'm thinking this may be something on the backend, like maybe a zombie process or something of that nature which could cause that kind of error. 


Your best best here is to contact phone support or live chat for further assistance as they have the diagnostic tools necessary to determine what the issue is and give you a path to resolving it.

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Re: 552 Disk full response on Deluxe Hosting

HI @MrVapor ,


Thanks for taking time to reply and thanks for sharing hosting Terms of Service. I will check there to see what I need to do.

I already contacted 3 times via live chat. I will try again with phone support to fix the issue. 



Wai Yan.