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A record for mail server

We have Cpanel shared hosting with a dedicated IP address. We have an MX record for the mail server set to Should we also add a CNAME record for or is this not needed? 


I am asking because a health check of our domain name results in an error which states there is no A Record for the smtp server set to

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 Hi @funnybugbees. You will either need to set up a CNAME or an A Record for 'mail' if you are going to use cPanel email. For more information on the DNS records you'll need to use cPanel, please see this article. Hope that helps. 


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Well thats why I was asking. All i have is a MX record. We have never had a CNAME or a A record for "" and we have always used Cpanel email (this is what im calling what we are doing now) If by "Cpanel mail" you mean "webmail" then no we do not want to use Webmail.


. Since the beginning of hosting this domain we have always used "" as our mail server in Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. For proper DNS records though, should we point our A and CNAME records for "" to "" ?


Do I point the records to our dedicated IP, or to the godaddy mail servers i listed above?

Funny Bug Bees And Wood Works
(252) 933-4840