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About Delux Hosting Package

Hello, Dear Community i need little help regarding i have purchased hosting and domain Deluxe package i have design software website where i have to upload large amount of files and in MB and GB in which yet i'm taking advantage of free cloud storage platform where i upload files and public download it through that link but as i purchased deluxe package they said you can upload unlimited data on your hosting please can somebody suggest me or guide me how i can make my hosting as cloud storage where i can put my all software on that place and people access it publicly those links to download it or other stuff.  




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Hey there @Faraz0191,


Thanks for being a part of the community!


Now, I'm just going to address this bluntly. You do not want to use your hosting platform to store files. Why?


It'll slow down your site. Think of your hosting like a computer. If the hard drive gets full, the computer becomes sluggish and won't work. Same concept applies here. 


You may get flagged by abuse. I've seen it happen in the past. People stores their downloadable files on their server and are erroneously flagged for violations of the TOS. It's usually corrected but you site could go down for days. (This is very rare but worth mentioning.)


If someone happens to hack your website, they also have all access to the products you may be selling. They can pirate the info, steal it, make it their own.


On a Deluxe hosting package you'll be on a shared server. That means you'll be sharing resources with a lot of other people. You start uploading heavy files and it'll be noticed and, again, you may get flagged for abuse.


Finally, this just isn't a good practice. Your downloadable software is safer on another server, primarily built for file storage, than a web hosting server that is optimized to store website files. Yes, you can technically put them there but each tool has a purpose. Your hosting is not your file storage.


Bottom line, I wouldn't do it. Too many variables that can go wrong. That's my two cents.

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