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Accidentally added wrong domain - now can't add new Wordpress sites - Thoughts

OK. So here's my situation

  1. I have GoDaddy Linux hosting with Cpanel
  2. I had previously (successfully) added 2 WordPress instances that have been working
  3. I was in the process of adding 2 new WordPress instances today 
  4. For the first one - I accidentally added it with a website domain I don't own. It didn't throw any errors on the screen. It did throw an error in the error log. Some permission error trying to create the http_public/sitename folder.  I think this is what is causing me issues, just not sure how to recover; I had added the addon domain for this site without any errors on the screen either
  5. For the second one - it looks like it installed WP just fine, however DNS is not being propagated
  6. So, to try to recover I removed both WordPress instances; I also removed the addon domains
  7. I then went to add the second site that I do own the domain. It still isn't setting up DNS

When I navigate to the public_html folder I do see a folder for the site I incorrectly added in step #4 above. My theory is that the combination of me entering the wrong addon domain and trying to add a WP instance using Instatron caused something to get mucked in the web server configuration. But it's just a guess.


I'm technical - but not a web server or WP configuration export. Just know enough to be dangerous I guess. I was using the GoDaddy tools though - so I wouldn't think I'd be able to get into this situation.


Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.



Re: Accidentally added wrong domain - now can't add new Wordpress sites - Thoughts

Hello @bdmehlman!


Thank you for posting. There are some times that DNS will not automatically propagate. Are both the new domains in your GoDaddy account? At any rate, you will need to manually update the DNS at this point. I don't think adding the wrong domain the first time would have messed anything up with your account. 


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