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Adding an SSL certificate to my main site breaks my static Addon site



I have shared Linux hosting with a main site in 'public_html', and multiple add-on sites with their own directories within 'public_html' (which is where they are created by default when adding through cPanel).


Everything was working fine until I set up SSL for my main website. My main site is working (WordPress, with 'https://') and all but one of my add-on sites are working (WordPress, non 'https://').


However I have a static add-on site which is now broken:


- Going to '' gets redirected to '' which is showing the GoDaddy 'File not found (404 error)' error message. '' is the directory in 'public_html' where the add-on website files are located
- Going to '' gets redirected to '' which is showing the 'Future home of something quite cool.' GoDaddy message.
- Going to '' displays the add-on site correctly


It is as if it is being treated as part of the main site instead of it's own site.


I have spoken the support and they said that I should re-generate the CSR for my SSL certificate and re-add, however this doesn't appear to have worked.


Please could somebody help?


Thank you