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Addon Domains are not working on my Deluxe Hosting Plan

Hello all

We have a ultimate hosting plan and around 10 domains hosted. all sites are not working with one isp(Bsnl india) We contacted customer care and they said they are helpless and tell us to call ISP.

we contacted isp they said 

"Since trace is reaching it is not a network issue , It may be a blacklist at the server side

pls contact  site admin to check any firewall block or black list at server side , give exemption for...."
Again we contacted godaddy and they said 
"Okay. As per the traceroute seems like the connection being lost before reaching our network which makes the issue mostly to be with the ISP."
as per suggestion we have brought static ip too. but still issue is not solved. i am unable to open even the cpnel of the hosting. godaddy says to contact ISP. Even if i am not the customer of isp how they will solve this? We are in deep trouble. please help
Community Manager

Hi @lijukarolil. Thanks for posting. That does sound like a frustrating situation. Troubleshooting network connections can be difficult at times. If a website is loading with other ISPs, that's usually an indication that the problem is with the ISP having the issue. In most cases, if you see issues with your connections that occur prior to arriving at names, then it is outside of GoDaddy's control. Those are the servers that GoDaddy controls. If you're still having trouble, you can post your traceroute here. That may help others in the community offer suggestions on how you can move forward.


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I understand.

to overcome this one the call center executive suggest to put static IP address this may solve the issue.

also, she said this ip will automatically update all the addon domains. both not happened.  I sit & changed ip manually. following are the latest support details. they confirm its problem with isp

In India its difficult to contact isp like BSNL and ask to solve the issue for all customers.

practically its not possible

89.jpgfor all domains to work other networks also