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Automatic Website Backup - (like INSTALLATRON)

A couple of my sites are listed in the INSTALLATRON section.  I had to use that feature to restore a site once and it worked great.


I have another site that I would like to have backed up daily like in INSTALLATRON and can't figure out how to do it.  Can I move the C-Panel site to INSTALLATRON or is there another way (free) to make sure it is backed up daily and can be restored if required?




If it's one of the apps installatron supports, if you pull up the install screen there's a drop-down attached to the install button that will let you import an existing site. 


If it's wordpress, we also provide backups through pro sites, you can sign up for free at

Getting Started

Thank You!

Getting Started

Sorry...can't locate the "install screen" is it in the INSTALLATRON page somewhere?

For example if your site was built with WordPress, you'd click on wordpress on the list of apps in the installatron screen. In the upper right, there's an install button. You'll click on the arrow on the right of that button and click import existing install in the drop down.

Getting Started

OK ..That works!  Thanks Again!