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Blacklisted IP

Dear godaddy,
Sales team good but support team is so lazy and so doodle.
My Problem is IP blacklisted
four days almost done but problem is not resolve.
when product purchasing time day by day call and get customer opinion and very humble but now i have some difficulties never call back and never mail me.
its to bad and down your brand image.  
i have also Hostgator and AWS panel but support team very hardworking and helpfully.
after complete my billing cycle time i want switch another platform   
now conclusion is godaddy support services day by day so poor and cheap.
This massage when i am sending mail by webmail 
SMTP Error (550): Failed to add recipient "" (Verification failed for <>
The mail server could not deliver mail to The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries.
Sender verify failed).
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Hi @rahejavacation,


Please remove your customer id and PIN number from this public forum before someone phones up pretending to be you!!


.....and doodle? What is doodle?

also, what is your domain name?

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Hi @rahejavacation,


Thanks for removing ID and Pin......

This error message does not mean you are blacklisted, it merely says it is one possible cause, the other being wrong DNS settings. So if you let me know your domain name then I could do some rudimentary checks for you?


Thank you!