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CPanel Hosting: Email & Calendar Setup

I have setup my domain cleanly in cpanel.  Email is working as well for sending and receiving.


The issue I'm facing is with the calendar portion of this.  In webmail, the calendar shows and I can add events to it.  


When I try to sync the account to my iphone 6s+, I'm only given the option to sync Mail and Notes. I'm not shown an option to sync contacts and calendars.

In horde webmail, there is a page that shows calendar configuration, and it specifies that you must add port 2080 to the end of the URL to access the calendar, which I do, and I copy and paste the url into the phone... it does not connect.

I went to a port open checking website to see if port 2080 was open on the URL listed.  It was not. 


Has anyone else had success syncing the calendar or contacts to the phone or computer mail client using cpanel email?



Hi @stlawrence1337, thanks for posting.

cPanel email does not support calendar syncing. If this is something you want, you may want to consider a separate email plan, such as Office 365.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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it's not an option to add calendar to my iphone 

I open setting – calendar – add new CalDav


I tried in server :


I tried in port : 2080 & 8443

 but it's not verified ! any idea how can I fix it