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CPanel Subdomain Redirect Issue



Hoping someone can help me out. I don't know much about web development, but what I'm trying to do should be simple. I want to forward multiple pages on my website to existing affiliate websites using CPanel. I created multiple subdomains and these subdomains forward successfully when typed in this manner: However, I would really like my website to forward to the affiliate site when typed in this manner: When typed in that manner it shows the index directory instead of going to the page I want it redirected to. How can I accomplish this?


Thanks for any assistance!

Former Employee

Re: CPanel Subdomain Redirect Issue

Hello @jheath86 ,
If you have too many sub domains you would like to land on let's say  you may use /.htaccess I found this :
How to do that:
1. create the sub domain from cPanel page (it will create a subfolder like:  public_html/
2. put the .htaccess to that folder.
3. Look for the right codes, i believe Godaddy has a premium service if you want them to do it for you. or check that link I gave.

If just one sub-domain  only to be landed on sub-folders you may use Godaddy's-Webforwarding

Warm Regards,

Joven -- 🙂

Re: CPanel Subdomain Redirect Issue

That worked, thank you very much Joven!

Re: CPanel Subdomain Redirect Issue

Well... it partially worked! So I did the .htaccess and it worked great for redirecting the first subdomain. I have a total of four subdomains to redirect, each to different websites. When I try to save a .htaaccess file to the other subdomain folders, I get an error that the "destination already exists". Any work around for that?