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Can I change the name of my CPanel account?



I just set up an account with Go Daddy and not sure what I was doing (still don't) I would like to change the name of my CPanel account to something more meaningful.  Currently I set it up with my amateur radio call sign, however I would like to change it to something more relevant to what the site will be about (local weather).


Is this possible to do?  Please excuse me if this is a stupid question.  I am totally new at this web hosting stuff and I think I have got in WAY over my head.


Thanks for any and all help with this;


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Hi @GordonClaridge,

what do you mean "change the name of my cPanel account"?

Do you mean your domain name? 

My domain name is but my home directory is shown as /home/va3twt .


I would like to change my home directory to something pertaining to weather instead of my amateur radio call sign.  Maybe it's not important, I don't know. As I mentioned in my original post, I am a complete newbie at this website creation stuff.


Thanks for your reply rammsreinium.