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Can not see html when i press view on cpanel

i purchased a package for linux and i work with cpanel.

i want to upload a working site to it.

when i try to see pages on the html folder (i click view) i get the plain text and not the html.


how can i fix this?

Helper III

After adding your domain to your cPanel account, it should've came with a HTML static page. You can save / move that HTML file in a separate folder, delete it from the domain folder, or whatever else you want.


If you're wanting to upload a CMS (like to your domain, you can do that with the Installatron. Either that, or downloading the zipped file contents of the CMS you want to work with, and manually uploading it to your domain folder.


If you need further guidance, I recommend calling GoDaddy customer support for hosting. Otherwise, let me know if you have any further questions.