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Can't create a mysql user in cpanel...

I'm not sure which forum this would go in, as there doesn't appear to be one dedicated to economy Linux hosting.


This appears to be a permissions problem.


When I go to the "MySQL Databases" app in cpanel, scroll down to MySQL Users / Add New User, and enter a user name, no matter what I enter, I get this error message:

The database “xxxxx” cannot be added because a user with the same name already exists.


Yes, it says "database," despite the fact that I'm using the Add New User form. "xxxxx" is the username I tried creating.

Using PHPMyAdmin, the documentation tells me to look for the "Users" menu option but it's not available, presumably because the default MySQL user it uses does not have sufficient admin privileges. 

Am I missing something obvious?


Hi shark72.

When testing this in my account, I only received that error when the user name already existed. Keep in mind that the username must be unique across the server, not just your account. Some common names are also unavailable, such as "admin". I suggest trying a very unique username.

If the issue persists, you might want to contact our support teams so they review your account with you, as it might be an account specific issue.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I got the same problem.


I try to add user but receive the same message - database already exists

The database “XXXX” cannot be added because a user with the same name already exists.

I think that i understand the problem...

For some strange reasons godaddy check the user name not only on my db but on all its dbs.

So the user name have to be really good


I hope somebody can assist.

I have created a new database in mySQL and have given it a name, which now also beocmes the username. When creating it there is an option to add a "read-only" user, but no options to add additional users.

The database is created and I can log into it using phpMyAdmin, but there is no "users" tab or anything form me to manage any users or permissions. Am I missing something? I have logged on and off and have opened multiple phpMyAdmin windows, yet same result.


I have also looked at some YouTube videos, but none of my screens look like the ones shown.


As far as I remember I am using Plesk/Windows hosting and am on a Deluxe hosting scheme.




Try creating a username which are not common like root, admin, .... I think Godaddy is using one global table to check the usernames. try creating something new.