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Cannot Access Hosting Panel, All my Websites gone

Dear Concern,

I was unable to access my hosting ( Ultimate plan from last six days and I was continuous following up every day
as per previous conversations for the last six days, "I was getting the assurance that this is known issue from our hand our admin team is working on to fix the issue and all your websites will come back there is no need to worry about sir"
but the same is not resolved till yet, on today's call, I am told that "all your files, websites, databases, and unfortunately all backups were lost during moving of server due to sudden failure of the server which was not in our hands".
not even a prior intimation was given to me before stopping of hosting.
there were more than 10 websites installed on the server, all websites were more than 3 years old, there were a lot of data, user accounts, 3 years of hard work on SEO and traffic, e-commerce orders, tax reports everything.
Now I am told that "all websites are gone and we are extremely sorry", how is it justified this is just harassment and cheating on customers.
I run a web design company here in Agra, and I am suffering heavy losses due to loss of traffic for a week, 
now I am answerable to my clients if my websites are not back.
I will be suffering heavy financial losses, that I need to pay back to my clients as they have paid me for traffic, SEO, web design and other things in case my websites are not restored.
how I am gonna answer them, I am receiving a huge amount of calls every day for their websites, 
it as an integrity issue to my business and mental harassment too for false assurance given by GoDaddy for the last one week that my websites will be restored and I will be gaining access to my hosting account.
All databases, WordPress Installatron sites, backups, file manager files are gone.
Please do the needful and restore my sites as this can cause my losses more than Rs 20 lakhs INR and the revenue losses that occurred in last one week and will be losing recurring revenues due to shut down of sites or more than that.
Customers can take legal action on me, I have to face the consequences on behalf of negligence caused by GoDaddy.
How GoDaddy is going to compensate the revenue losses, traffic losses, work done on websites and most importantly the data and websites and mental harassment done to me for a week for such false assurances.
please advice

Hi @kkbatra,


Thank you for posting and expressing your concerns. I'm sorry to hear your site has been down. Unfortunately, this appears to be account specific and it wouldn't be something other Community members can assist with. I'd recommend reaching back out to our live support to discuss your restore options.


Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.