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Cannot change PHP version via Select PHP Version

Hi All,


Maybe I am being thick or something, but when I go into Select PHP version it says "Current PHP version:  7.2" but if i go into the server information, the PHP version says its 5.6.36. I have tried changing it to 5.4 and the server information still says 5.6.


To change the PHP version, you do select the PHP version in the combo box i.e. 7.0 and click the set as current button?


It does say the version that i select on the Select PHP version page after i change it, but that it is it.


Am I doing something wrong or have i got to wait for the server to reboot or is it that it isn't working and it is a support matter.


Help please, thanks

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Cannot change PHP version via Select PHP Version

Hey there @Dazzlebar 


It sounds like you're doing everything right. That sounds more like an actual server issue that should be addressed. Best bet is to call support or do a live chat on that one.

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Re: Cannot change PHP version via Select PHP Version

Thanks MV,


Working OK Now.