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Cannot write images to the folder?

PHP Warning:  imagejpeg(path): failed to open stream: Permission denied in G:\PleskVhosts\\httpdocs\scripts\show_product_image.php on line 78

I am trying to save an image thumbnail generated from a php script to the thumb folder(i have replaced the folder name in the error).The web server is generating the error above. I already changed the persmissions for the folder in the path but its still not working. 


Thanks for responding. I already solved it. Turns out I didn't set the right  permissions on the folder.

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Hey @delta-charlie


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Perhaps some of our members more familiar with scripting could offer some additional insight as this isn't my strongest field of expertise. In the meantime, I did perform a search engine look up on the "Failed to open stream" error which suggests there's a few items you should check to help troubleshoot this. Best source of information I found was on StackOverflow with a good process to follow. 


Hope that helps out. Let us know if you manage to get it worked out with this. 


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Thanks for responding. I already solved it. Turns out I didn't set the right  permissions on the folder.

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can you pls share the info of what permissions you set on folders? I am facing same issue. But my hosting is windows shared plan...

Ya I am also facing the same problem, can anybody suggest, what to do now... thank you in advance..


How can i give that permission?

while i am trying to upload the images to my plesk panel folder,the following error will be displayed,


Access to the path 'G:\PleskVhosts\\httpdocs\ProductImages\banner gogreen.jpg' is denied. in

what we do to resolve it?please kindly help me.


I just migrated my site from c-panel to managed wordpress hosting (both with goDaddy) and I can no longer upload images. I receive this message:

Unable to create directory uploads/2017/09. Is its parent directory writable by the server?


Per a past thread, I checked to make sure the folder is listed correctly in the media settings, and I think it is (/home/dancingcrayons/public_html/wp-content/uploads), so not sure where to go from here. Fairly new to wordpress, looking for some guidance!




I have uploaded an image for the header. When it shows up on the webpage, it looks dark.

I think the background colour for the header is black and I am wondering what setting I can change to get the header to look the proper colour (white background with company logo)?

Also, is there a way to get rid of the name of the page that sits in the middle of the logo (HOME or BLOG, for instance)?

I am using a Windows based GoDaddy account.