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Cant Change cPanel Login Name

I read a solution to this but it doesnt work.   I tried going to>settings>reset  and used chrome browser.   All that i got was a new random username.     I tried reset 2 times, once saying yes and ones no to choosing a wordpress username/password.   When  i choose Yes, it asks for username and password, but that username is only for wordpress.    Cpanel userid is still a randomly generated string.     Please help..


Re: Cant Change cPanel Login Name

Same here.

Re: Cant Change cPanel Login Name

Pathetic Hosting service provider. Big mistake to choose godaddy. We will not have any control on anything, we have to use how they want us to. Worst company. Planning to cancel my account from this horrible hosting provider.


Re: Cant Change cPanel Login Name

Hi @gopinath3411@markforum@Madtoe

In cPanel, you cannot change FTP accounts' login/user names or their paths. However, you can remove an FTP account, and then create a new one. You can also update the password. For full control and access I suggest looking into a VPS or Dedicated Server. 

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