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Changing primary hosting domain

Hi all,


I have deluxe hosting cPanel/linux.


I want to swap my primary domain with one of the addon/subdomains, both currently have independents websites files in them.  Will all website files swap too and DNS values update automatcially?


My hosting root domain is say and I have an addon/subdomain say ( Both folders contain their own Joomla based websites.  If I change my hosting primary domain from to, will the end up in a folder and the DNS entries change automatically or do I have to do the whole thing manually?


If I have to do the whole thing manually does anybody know the steps?


Need some advice before I try this out.


Thanks in advance

Community Team
Community Team

Simply changing the primary domain name in a case like this wouldn't generate the results you're looking for.  You'd need to manually update all the connections & references to the original domain in the databases for the Joomla installations.  You'd also have to update the directory links or move the files between folders to avoid getting errors on the websites.