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Chat support button is gone

I'm Trying to contact Angel V, who's a representative I contacted earlier through chat support but when I try to access chat again, the button isn't there. How can I contact her? (P.S. No that "Still Need Help" isn't the button, it's not clickable.) chat support is gone e.png

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Not to put down Angel V I'm sure that he/she was great but please do not feel that you need to speak to the same support person. I have had really good support experiences with representatives that I would love to have help from again. The reality is a good support representative will document your issue so that the next person you speak with will be able to pick up your issue quickly. 


As to the the chat button appearing/disappearing the answer is the button is dynamic. I don't know the specifics of when it shows or does not show but if chat support is available, it will show. On other chat support (chat support other than GoDaddy) you can actually get into a queue and wait twenty minutes in some virtual line. In my experience GoDaddy live chat availability means they are actually available.


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Yeah I keep wondering about this too! 😞 I dread calling support hotline because of the waiting time and I want to deal with my site's issue because it's been down for 3 days already! Cat Mad


Hey @rd,


Just here to help elaborate on the US chat availability for you and @noslar, Yes, you're correct about it being dynamic as our chat teams are not 24/7 at this time. Regular hours should be Mon-Fri at 5AM - 6PM Arizona time (UTC-7).


Of course it has sometimes been regrettably known to be unavailable during those hours. The reason in most cases is due to higher than normal traffic volume (usually at the start of the day) and the queue being at capacity. If that is happening, just check back in a few moments for a spot to open up in the queue. The button should re-appear as soon as a place in line is available. 


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