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Cpanel Survey

I am getting this survey repeatedly on ALL my websites every time I refresh or try to get into the cpanel. I am at my wits end. This is costing me just a few minutes a day but come ON!  I paid for this hosting to get this survey that I have answered only in the hopes to get this off my screen?


Hey @jphogannet,

Welcome to the community! Looking forward to discussions we'll have here! Smiley Happy

The survey you're referring to is actually being generated as part of the cPanel interface. Unfortunately, it's a feature we don't have direct control over to remove or disable within our shared hosting environment. 

Not sure if any other member has had any luck with hiding or removing this on their own. If anyone has, hopefully they'll let us know. 

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Hi @jphogannet,

We really appreciate you flagging this as an issue and apologize for the experience. I talked with our Product Manager and we're looking at the options for creating a better experience when delivering surveys to our customers. We always want to get feedback from you but realize that having a survey pop up so frequently doesn't meet your needs or ours. Stay tuned as we work to change this. Thanks much!


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It is frustrating enough that it has me experimenting and trying hosting plans from other providers to get rid of it one way or another.  Either by getting Go-daddy to fix or getting a new provider that is not as intrusive. I WILL get rid of it. It's just a race as to whether I find a provider first or ... 

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I was able to hide the survey using a CSS editing plugin/extension. If you find one you like to use, you can add the following CSS to the page to hide the survey:


#pd-embed-slider {
    visibility: hidden;


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