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Cpanel email Calendar not working



So I have tried to add a CALDAV account on mac os default calendar app. Each time I get an error saying incorrect username/password. I am using the settings given in cpanel for a specific email address on the page Configure Calendar And Contacts. I am putting in username, password, server address as needed and also checked the alternate server address given on the same page. 


I then checked some other domains' dns settings and found various types of entries with the word caldav  or relevant that are not in my dns records. Is this the reason my calendar is not working? My domain is


If no, please guide to a solution. 


If yes, please guide with the correct dns entries to make the calendar work.


Hi @rizzi,


Here is another Community post topic that you may find helpful on this subject:


Mainly, cPanel email does not support calendar syncing. If this is something you want, you may want to consider a separate email plan, such as Office 365.



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Are you super sure about that? I am aware of a friend who has around 12 cpanel email accounts for his employees and all of them use the cpanel email calendar and are able to sync on phone, outlook and mac calendar app.