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Cpanel session expired and IP address has changed

Perhaps people know some solutions here, but i doubt it. Im having this issues for days now. As soon as i login i get a popup "Session Expired... blablbalal" and get back to the main cpanel login. Tried other browsers same deal.

Deleted cache, cookies same story. 

Tried different computer, same network, same story


Only option is other router network. At home work perfect.


The thing which probably caused this is to many FTP connections. Thats when all this **bleep** started to happen. Ive read somewhere that godaddy somehow blocks your router ip then. Ive been in a chat for 2 hours and the guy could really helped, gave me his email and now never responds back. Chat is only available at certain hours, yet no where are these hours noted. THIS IS CRAPPY SERVICE GODADDY!!!

The guy said probably its your router or network which is causing this. Yet the same day it started i could work just fine. Other site panel, different host company, also work just fine from this same router and network. So dont tell me its my network.