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Creating a Mailing list in Cpanel?

Well, someone told me this would be easy - ha! (and yes, I've scoured the documentation & help files until I'm crosseyed).

I just need to set up 1 or 2 simple maillists, which should be a simple mailman function - but I can't locate where/how to get that to show up.

Advice/recommendations/kind guidance is much appreciated, thank you in advance.


Hi @asatrualliance,


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We gather from your choice of forums that you have a cPanel email account. What client are you using to send and receive your emails? It is the client (such as Outlook, AppleMail, etc) that will have the option in their program to create distribution groups. You can also do a search online for the client you're using to find instructions for this action. If you haven't yet set up your preferred client, you can use the instructions here



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No, that isn't the problem. I think you misunderstood.

I need what amounts to a bulk forward for group conversations.  We are an NPO, and for instance, someone wants to direct a message at the entire board - I need 1 email address for them to send to, which will distribute to all the appropriate parties.

a group mailing list.