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Cron Job Command Help

I have a website that includes a booking calendar that syncs with Expedia and other booking calendars. Initially, I had a cron job set up as follows:



It worked for years until I realized that every time it synced (every 10 minutes), it stored a small .index.html file in my file manger. Eventually my website stopped working and I could no longer update plugins. When I investigated the matter, I saw 999,999 .index.html files that needed to be deleted. Now I need to write a command that will allow the syncing to continue but automatically remove or not save the event as a file. I contacted the support person who of the booking calendar software and he told me to change the command to the following:


wget -qO- '' &> /dev/null


In the cPanel - Cron Jobs page, it is showing as red and I am not sure if it is still syncing. I no longer get the .index.html files but it may have stopped the syncing process.


Can anyone tell me if that command is correct?