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Data Center Migration

Hi all,


I'm currently running Linux deluxe hosting with cPanel. The server location was North America by default, but since I'm in Europe I changed it to Europe more than a week ago, however, when I check under my hosting management still nothing changed and all the message says is: "Data center migration scheduled"


When I try to open the settings it says: "An error occurred, please try your request again..."


Here is a screenshot:



Does have to do with that it is still processing? Do you guys know how long that usually takes?


Appreciate your help,







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Hi @jusjoe,

as with everything, there is the easy way, or the hard way, but many right ways. Also like most things in life, we come unstuck after just one wrong way, like seeing if your car will float!


The easiest way to have changed your data centre would have been to have reset your hosting having first made a full backup.

You always get a choice of data centre when you do this..... choose Europe, done! Unless you already did this and now are waiting? In which case, how long is a bit of string? You could get in touch with support to 'give them a wee nudge' lol, be nice though, always gets best results!

Hi Rammsteinium,


It makes sense now, unfortunately, I scheduled the migration before resetting my account. Now that I realised, I just wanted to start over again and reset everything under the settings tab available at my gateway, but again it says: An error occurred, please try your request again...


So I'm probably left with contacting the hosting support...


Thanks for your reply!


All the best,