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Database Problems: Moving From Classic Hosting Linux To CPanel - Tutorial

hartmada writes, “I am currently moving my content from GoDaddy's Classic Hosting Linux to cPanel.  


According to GoDaddy's support staff, the migration path for transferring my databases from one service to the other was to (1) backup each database in my Classic Hosting Linux environment, (2) download the backup SQL file to my local computer, (3) create the new database in cPanel, (4) create and add a database user in cPanel (I kept the usernames and passwords the same for both hosting environments), and finally (5) import the database.  


Everything went smoothly, and I was able to verify that the database structure and content is intact.  However, when I attempt to access the database -- either through Joomla or through a MySQL JDBC driver -- I receive the following error:


  • "java.sql.SQLException: Access denied for user" .... username @ .....
  • Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

I repeated the process of creating the database and importing several times to minimize the possibility that I may have had a typo in the username and password. 


Finally, I noticed that the information_schema database in the Classic Hosting Linux service includes a table called USER_PRIVILEGES and includes a row with the correct username in the GRANTEE column.  However, the cPanel information_schema database does not.   I verified and re-verified that the user was added to the correct database, yet the information_schema's table USER_PRIVILEGES does not show a row similar to the Classic Hosting Linux table. “



Onlinux writes, When creating a MySql Database you also have to create a user and grant access to the database for the user. You can use the following link for more information on managing databases in cPanel. 

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