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Database migration, Images won’t upload


Sorry for the long story, but it’s a bit complicated. I am having issues with some websites. I built this website about 4 years ago, hosted with GoDaddy, using a template. Lately it had been getting slow and a GoDaddy rep told me that we had a lot of websites on our one hosting and after upgrading it several times, he mentioned just buying a new host for that website (as we were going to continue adding websites anyways). So I paid for a new host and I paid for them to migrate the site.


I thought everything was going well, but I had been developing a new site under (as my bosses wanted a new site, but to never have the current one down). I assumed they would take that site as well, but after all had been said and done, that one had a broken database connection. I correctly assumed they had not migrated that database as well. I wrote to them to ask for them to help me move it and the rep absolutely refused to help. I would have even paid for them to move that one too, but he refused. I figured that was fine, so I moved the database myself. It was a simple, export and import. There were a few errors, but everything seemed fine and ended up working.


Now, neither one of the websites will allow me to upload media and they are ridiculously slow. Pingdom and Google insights simply time out, tracking them. I can’t even see a single image in my media library and I certainly can’t upload anything. I’m at my wits end. GoDaddy won’t help fix anything. I have tried disabling plugins, etc. I have even set my PHP back to 5.6 as the new host was 7.2. Nothing is working. Any help would be very much appreciated!