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Dedicated IP/IP Range

Our site recently made a change as to how our members can access another restricted site. We changed from RBAC to TPS. The script requires an IP address or a range of addresses in order to function. We have a dedicated IP addresss listed under Server Details, but this address does not work within the script and the IP Address listed above the dedicated IP is different from the dedicated IP and continually changes. I cannot find a list of IP ranges that may be used for our site or any information why the dedicated IP address is not being used. Each time I try to contact the Chat, they are offline and there is no support email address listed to send a message to. I would prefer avoiding a phone call... Does anyone have an idea how I can find the information I need or get the dedicated IP working as intended?

Helper V

@phaedrus10 By Default cPannel hosting uses a Shared Dedicated IP and if you are trying to connect to your website using IP Address it will connect to a default Godaddy page. 

You need to make sure you have a Dedicated IP and it has been setup in your cPannel account.

Add a dedicated IP address Once the Dedicated IP has been added you will need t o update DNS for the domains being hosted on your cPannel account to use the Dedicated IP Address. 


Are you able to access your website using the Dedicated IP Listed on your account?

I am unfamiliar with  RBAC or TPS. Can you post your TPS Script(Minus the specific connection details and IP Address) or a link to the script in use? Do you see anything in the Error logs after attempting to connect? Another thing to try is to try connecting to the restricted site using Developer  Tools and checking for any errors on the client side.