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Direct Access To GoDaddy MySQL Database

Can I have someone enable direct access to databases in my godaddy account?

I followed this tutorial and it said to contact support if the option is not available:

I contacted live support but the tech support didn't know much.

No one is responding to the live chat option so this is my next step to getting answers.

I've seen threads saying that when they create a database they see the "Allow direct access" button but it doesn't allow them to click it. I cannot even see the allow direct access button when creating a MySQL database. There isn't even any addition options tab like said in the tutorial link I provided.

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Hi @SethJFreeman1,

normally (and I say normally because there are different platforms to consider)

you would give access to a user through the database, set a password and login name, then directly access the database through a secure shell SSH. But I tend to go further in first installing MySQL on my home computer so I can work offline, then dump my sql file and use it to populate my online database. 

Mysql is still free to download from the sql website. I think this was actually a condition of the licence for them. A lot of politics in there........ ☺️


By the way, the shell doesn't have to be secure, but it's best practice to do so. You will have to enable ssh to do this on your account probably, if not already active. 


To access direct means learning a few more tricks, but there ya go......