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Domain Pointing

I have a domain registered with BT (in United Kingdom).  I now need to point it to a basic hosting package I bought from GoDaddy.  I have already installed Joomla but I can't make any changes or use my domain because the info given to me on my cPanel Hosting page is quite confusing.  It gives so many entries that I don't need.


I know I need two nameservers and they are:


Now when I go to the BT page to enter these numbers, it is also confusing.  It requires me to create a A record and enter the key as www followed by the ns17--- or ns18..... as appropriate.  However these values are not accepted by their servers so is there anybody here who has a domain with BT that can share their expertise here?


I have contacted the BT support people but they won't be back until Monday.  It is a weekend today.


Thank you.


Re: Domain Pointing

BT have changed the details as can be seen at this link:




Do I need to do anything else?  I still can't access this link:







Re: Domain Pointing

OK it now works.


Treat this as resolved.