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Driver Error cPanel



I have a problem with my website, it has worked just fine before now when someone tries to register, adding shop items etc a driver error appears: Driver Error
There appears to be an error with the database.

If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again.

You can try to refresh the page by clicking here.


The database seems just fine, it has worked perfectly until few days ago.

Could this be a problem with hosting?


Thanks in advance, Nick 🙂


Hey @nikollasspasic,


Based on the error you've described, it may be possible. Since this is a public discussion forum, no one here is going to have direct access to your hosting account to review. If you haven't done so already, you should reach out to our live support so our hosting team can help investigate the cause of the error further. 


Let us know what they find. Hopefully it's a quick server side issue that can be addressed. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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