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Email Forwarding and Support

I have just spent over 2 hours on a support chat line, and cannot get resolution from godaddy support.

I have several email forwarders configured in cPanel to forward email to a single gmail account.  Four work.  Two do not.  


For the two that do not, I have tried changing where they are forwarded to, but it still fails.  The failure is silent.  The sending accounts do not receive a delivery failure notification.


For the four that do, there are intermittent failures where an email or two gets lost.


Support first suggested it was a problem with the MX records.  Of course this makes no sense becuase MX records are not going to discriminate by email address.  To "prove" this, she sent me a screen shot from, where the error was a result from her linking to the site from elsewhere.  When I went to the same site, it show everything was good.  


I got transferred to someone else, who spent over an hour checking settings, and sending test emails to finally tell me everything looked good.  But the emails still dont go though.

At this point I asked to speak with a manager, or anyone who might be able to look at a system log.  Its not clear if Ive been transferred to someone else or not, but the support is still asking nonsensical questions, including asking me what SMTP servers are being used.  I would expcet GoDaddy technicians to know how GoDaddy's systems are set up.  I dont control any of it.

Throughout this process, despite asking permission to look at my system, they kept asking questions that they could easily verify by looking at my system.


This is an abysmal level of support.  


And then the chant window just crashed.