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FTP Connection Problem

Hello, I am unable to connect using FTP clients. I have tried Filezilla as well as Cyberduck but I am getting the error "530 Login authentication failed".


I have created new ftp users, reset passwords of ftp users but still the error is showing. Whats the problem? How to fix it? Thanks

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What type of site have you got? Don't think ftp is enabled with Wordpress, SFTP is though.  

Also maybe try this

I am using Joomla.

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Thanks for your reply @kashif789us1,

unfortunately I don't know much about joomla, wait a moment.......

there is lots of advice to choose from here.


Thanks for your reply. I don't think its related to type of website. The method to connect to ftp clients should be same for each type of website.

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Thank you for the link but I am totally lost what to see there? I am not that technical and could not find anything related to ftp there.

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I'm sorry @kashif789us,

i don't have the time to do more than speed read it. I just hoped that if you went through each step that it may give an important clue as to what is going wrong. 


If if you put some relevant tags in your post it will get picked up easier though and maybe something might come up. Sorry I couldn't help more. 


I hate all CMS's, they create as many problems as they solve because 'non tech' folk get little help in using what is basically high tech. When it goes wrong there is a language barrier with geeks like me. This makes some discourse very time consuming. This just adds to the argument as to why developers charge so much. Party because we pull our hair out, so 'normal' folk can spend a Sunday on the beach. Lol


SFTP about half way down the page!!!


good luck I hope you find some answeres. 

Helper IV

To log in through FTP (FileZilla).  You should know the primary credentials of your web hosting.  Follow the video tutorial below.


Thank You.


Dear GoDaddy support staff and community,


Recently, my FTP/SFTP client started to be unable to connect to my GoDaddy web hosting environment.  It would fail with the following error message:


Unable to negotiate host port 22 no matching host key type found.  Their offer ssh-dss


Searching on the web, I found this discussion about this problem:


According to this source, the problem is:


The recent openssh version deprecated DSA keys by default. You should suggest to your GIT provider to add some reasonable host key. Relying only on DSA is not a good idea.


The article proposes one work-around which I wasn't able to make work.  Does anybody know how we can have our hosting environment upgraded so that we can once more use SSH and SFTP?


Thanks in advance,