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Form PHP mail() script configuration



I am trying to get forms working using the PHP mail() scripting on the GoDaddy Linux server.

So far I have not been able to get it to work. When I do a test form on my website and fill it in and hit the send button, I receive no email with the form data in it.

I am using the Incomedia Website X5 software V13.

If someone has ideas on what settings to use, please let me know...


Here are the options in Website X5 for configuring the form PHP mail() script:

Email form script type:

  1. PHP Mailer
  2. SMTP
  3. Authenticated SMTP
  4. Standard script
  5. Low quality server script
  6. Low-level script

Data submission type:

  1. Send as POST
  2. Send as GET

[  ] Always use the following sender address (check box)



Server folder with write access

[_______________________________________] (fill in server address)



The sender address option is useful if the provider blocks e-mails from the server that are sent by a user whose domain is different from this website: for example, an e-mail for an order from will not be sent if the sender's address is not In these cases, the problem can be solved by specifying a sender's e-mail address that has the same domain name as the website from which the e-mail leaves.


Community Manager

Hi, @barryb1co. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I would suggest that you make sure you're sending from an address that has your domain in it. Also, you may need to update your domain's DNS to allow you to send from cPanel. If your domain is set up with an SPF record that doesn't include the cPanel specifications in it, the receiving server may reject the message. Take a look at this forum post regarding what SPF records need to be used.


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