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Full Backup import and install with ssh

A backup operation over SSH is a very useful method for control panel access problems. Usually when your cpanel license period expires and after the control panel update, you will not be able to receive your hosting backups. You can implement the following full backup and installation methods with the codes.

To get a backup over SSH, you need to login to SSH first and then enter the home folder with the following code;

cd / home

To get a full backup;

for i in $ (ls / var / cpanel / users); do / scripts / pkgacct $ i; done,

Full backup to install;

for x in $ (ls -A * .tar.gz | cut -d ”-“ -f 2 | cut -d.. s -f 1); do / scripts / restorepkg $ x; done

To get a single user backup;

/ scripts / pkgacct

We are writing the name of the user so we write the name of the ftp we write the name of the home directory in our directory. To download our backups to our computer with ftp server ip address and user with the password to log in to the home directory by logging in to access your home directory, you can download your backup to your computer by drag and drop via ftp program.


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