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Helper I

GoDaddy 504 Errors Cropping up again

Is anyone else getting the following errors below when trying to use godaddy business hosting and being prevented from working on their site due to GoDaddy server issues & constant GoDaddy timeouts?

Hosting Server Connect Timeout
HTTP 504 — Unable to Connect to the Origin Server
Please try again in a few minutes
Error details:
Error Code:	HTTP 504
Error Code:	Backend or gateway connection timeout.
Server ID:	20020
What is going on:
Request is taking too long to respond
Origin server not responding or too busy
GoDaddy Network blocked by Origin Firewall


Resolver I

@jasonsahli One possibility is that the server is getting bogged down by resource usage spikes. I have had a similar issue occur on two separate occasions. Once when I misconfigured the root .htaccess file and the other when an errant Wordpress plugin decided to go haywire at random intervals. Both situations were difficult to diagnose, but the solutions eventually became apparent via troubleshooting, trial-and-error, and luck. It was difficult because the symptoms did not seem to appear as the direct result of any actions I had taken (the plugin issue occuring probably after an update to the plugin, and the .htaccess situation not propigating until nearly a week after it was edited).

Have you noticed the resources monitors redlining at all?

Dr. B