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GoDaddy Password protected folder directory takes average of two correct logins to access

I created a password protected folder via cpanel on my GoDaddy shared server.


Whenever anyone goes to that URL the  "Authentication Required" (" requesting your username and password.") prompt comes up, and it takes an average of TWO attempts entering the correct username and password to get into the password protected directory.  Very annoying.


First it requests like this:


Authentication Required is requesting your username and password. The site says: “forums”


You enter it correctly the first time and immediately it comes back with:


Authentication Required is requesting your username and password. WARNING: Your password will not be sent to the website you are currently visiting!


so, then you enter it correctly a second time, and it finally lets you in.


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Hi @cromeyellow,


Hi I guess that the password function is only being called after you enter the first pass. Though I would also try a page refresh as soon as you land on the page, see if that helps whittle down the issue here. 

If the former is true then a simple precursor to the password function could then call that function (does this make any sense? does?) such as a button with for example "login" that then calls the password function......


I hope that kind of makes sense because if you are on Wordpress I am lost at sea as to how to do it in Wordpress or GoCentral. 

I don't use WordPress except for blogs, this is a vbulletin forum inside the folder.  It is a test forum so I want to keep it password protected.


GoDaddy is saying that the first pass is accessing to the folder, then the second pass is accessing the CSS of the vbulletin.  They are saying that with a normal html file this double entry would not be happening.