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,HTML/PHP contact form not sending to O365 Email

Good morning, 


I Have a website hosted with a Contact form on it,

this should send an email to my personal email hosted on o365 via GoDaddy, 

however over the past few days it is no longer sending. I've also connected to the main email on the web hosting and tried sending an email and it is also not received on my o365 inbox.


Ive sent a test email to my account and it sends, and is received fine.


Running a test it shows that the o365 email is a blackhole.Blackhole.PNG

Can anyone point me out how to fix this.


best regards, 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: ,HTML/PHP contact form not sending to O365 Email

Hi @OliverKeay. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! That error would generally mean that the server you're sending email from is on an RBL (real-time blackhole list) that O365 references to filter email. If the hosting server is also on GoDaddy, that's something that you may want to review with our hosting support team. In some cases, a de-list can be requested. However, the issue may clear up itself within 72 hours. I'd recommend getting in touch with support so they can review the situation. 


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