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When will HTTP/2 protocol be enabled for Economy Linux Web Hosting with cPanel?


This is a very good question...and a very important one! Those of us on shared hosting do *not* have Godaddy support for HTTP/2 (or HSTS to prevent a well-known security vulnerability). In most respects I've been quite satisfied with my 14 years using Godaddy hosting. But I am *greatly disappointed* with their failure to offer a large portion of their customers the same HTTP/2 (and HSTS) that is routinely offered by some major hosting competitors. Customer loyalty can only be taken for granted for so long.

I'm working through understanding steps needed when installing SSL certificates, and I'm wondering the status of this also.  Thanks

I've been with Godaddy since 2004 and have been generally pleased. Their reluctance to offer HTTP/2 on shared accounts/cPanel is puzzling. I suppose it will take a large-scale migration of their customers to the other hosts who routinely offer HTTP/2 to get them to reconsider. Godaddy, please step up to the plate for your loyal customers!

I agree with the above. It is unreasonable to wait so long for http2. Are there any updates on this?