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HTTP to HTTPS redirect not working, linked pages display 'Bad Request" page.

Updated from http to https and main webpage works but tabs on main page (when chosen) show "Bad Request" page.  Adding the 's' to the address bar links each page to the correct page, but there are hundreds of photographs on my site and I am a Carpenter, not a web designer.  I copied the html code as instructed to paste into the htaccess file, but it was already there.  How can I redirect all linked pages to https?  Believe site is Linux based btw.  Thanks 🙂 


Site is

Tabs to 'Construction Photos" takes you to correct page, but linked pages do not show photos as described above.

Super User III
Super User III

Re: HTTP to HTTPS redirect not working, linked pages display 'Bad Request" page.



A lot of this depends on how the website is actually built. Linux based just means it's something that can run on a Linux based operation system. Is it WordPress? HTML?


For example, if it's an HTML based website, you'll need to find and replace all references to HTTP based versions of the site in the code. If it's WordPress, you may need to update permalinks. If you're not familiar with any of that, you probably need to pay a developer a bit to take a look at what you have and see if they can help you out. 


Right now it seems as if the SSL is just incorrectly installed on the server. Here's how you manually install one on a Linux cPanel server. 

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