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Hello.. Problem connecting hosting to my database

This my first application hosting in godaddy and I have problem in connecting to database.

Helper III

For starters, make sure your domain is connected to your hosting account. Then simply upload the Wordpress application after the domain is connected on your cPanel account, or whatever other interface you're using to install CMS's or web applications to your domains. Installatron is what I use to install CMS's like on my domains.


You can always call up GoDaddy Hosting support to guide you on setting everything up. Good luck!



Join the crew.  I have a list of things I can't do.  I can't SSH, I can't FTP, and I can't connect my app via mysql.  I contacted support and they copped out by telling me it was a global network issue that was impacting my service and pointed me to an L3 website [not so].  So, I can't upload our site, manager docs with SSH, and my holiday app that is linked to our SSL cert is a no-go.  How's that for service?  It's ok for a service to have interruptions, but to have many services interrupted and no resolve is just mind bending...

Hi did you ever get your remote connections sorted out