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Help on High CPU

hi All,


Can you please help me with an issue i have on a GoDaddy cpanel hosting account. 

This accounts seems to regularly hit 90% CPU usage which effectively slows the site to a crawl and unusable. 


Account Details

29.92GB  / 130GB Disk (23.02%)

1.84 GB / 8GB Memory (22.96%)

20GB / 150GB (13.33%) System Disk

1218760 / 9,338,880 (13%) File Usage 


Site Details

The site is running wordpress and an online shop with woocommerce and traditionally would get only approx 10-12k unique visitors per month. And never had an issue

Jul 2019 = 12,314 Visitors

Aug 2019 = 184,201 Visitors

Sep 2019 = 253,225 Visitors

Oct 2019 = 52,480 Visitors

Nov 2019 = 86,528 Visitors


As you can see over the past few months the visitors have dramatically increased.

When looking at the IP addresses I have found the following IP adress are the top 5 and most active visitors. = GoDaddy = GoDaddy = Sucuri = Sucuri = Sucuri


I have contacted Godaddy as I believe the increase in traffic may be caused by the firewall or malware scan (causing high CPU), however they claim the issue is caused by my site and suggested the following.



Remove all inactive plugins = done

Install Cache (Wp-Rocket) = done

Install Smush for images = done



Archive old orders = done

Archive old customers = done

Clear wp_woocommerce_sessions = done


When the CPU is not high the site runs very well, however whenever the site is slow I notice the recent visitors are from the securi IP address above.

I also notice that wp_woocommerce_sessions grows again from zero to 40,000 over a couple of days.


I suspect that the malware scan is trying to scan the entire site and at the same time maybe creating woocommerce sessions which in turn creates high CPU load.


How do I prove it? And what are the next steps.?


I have had several tickets in with GoDaddy for HighCPU, Firewall, Wordpress Support and they all basically say it is the site/themes fault.


If I uninstall woocommerce the problem seems to help, however I think this not an app issue rather a high traffic / usage issue






Getting Started

@ascoughdigital When you say:


"If I uninstall woocommerce the problem seems to help, however I think this not an app issue rather a high traffic / usage issue"


Define "help"?  goes away completely?

what makes you think it's not a woocommerce app issue?